Domestic Drying Cabinets FAQs

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  • Can a drying cabinet be used for all types of clothing?

    The cabinet is suitable for drying all clothing, woollens, silk, suede, leather, sports, leisure and footwear.  Many other household uses and hobby applications.

  • Can a drying cabinet be used for all types of fabrics?

    The cabinet is suitable for all types of fabric, especially for garments incorporating different materials.

  • Can a drying cabinet be used as a substitute for an airing cupboard?

    The cabinet is ideal storage space for clothing that has been dried.

  • How much wet laundry can you load into a drying cabinet?

    This is dependent on the model cabinet installed although as a guide the ETS-1700 will generally accommodate the load from a 5 to 6kg. capacity washing machine.  Full loads of towels and bedding will require separate drying cycles or frequent rearranging inside to ensure even drying results.

  • Does a drying cabinet eliminate the need for ironing?

    No, although Easy Care garments should not require finishing.  Denim will require some stretching prior to loading. Creases will drop out on some clothing depending on fabric type.  The level of finishing required is subject to individual preference.

  • Can I use the cabinet for items that are labelled as not suitable for tumble drying?

    Yes. The cabinet is suitable for all fabrics even woollens and silk garments.  The level of heating inside the cabinet can be adjusted to suit the contents.

  • How much does it cost to run a drying cabinet?

    This will depend on a number of factors.  Cabinet type, efficiency of the ventilation system, residual moisture of the laundry and amount and method of the loading.  It is essential to allow the heated air to circulate freely inside the cabinet. The total loading for the domestic range of cabinets is 1.55kW. A typical load will take approximately 90 minutes on the maximum setting. The heating elements will be operating for about 66% of the total cycle time.  With the average cost of a unit of electricity approximately 19 pence, the cost per hour would be approximately 50 pence.  The cabinet will be more efficient if used on lower heat settings and can even be used without heat using ambient room temperature air circulating with the fan only setting. N.B. Test results not independently verified.

  • What is the best cabinet for my needs?

    We recommend the model ETS-1700E for most domestic applications.  For single occupancy applications or where space is limited the wall mounted ETS-1500 cabinet may be appropriate.

  • Is the cabinet available with condenser or heat pump technology drying?

    An energy efficient cabinet using heat pump technology is currently undergoing field trials. It is hoped that this model will be available in the UK sometime during 2017.  All current models of domestic drying cabinets can be operated in conjunction with a separate condenser box to prevent the build up moisture in the room. These condenser boxes can be purchased separately from independent suppliers.

  • What are the warranty terms ?

    12 months parts and labour. Full terms and conditions available on request.

  • What are the manufacturing approvals?

    Manufactured to ISO9001 standard, independently tested and accredited and CE marked.

  • How do I dispose of my old drying cabinet?

    The cabinets with exception of serviceable parts, are designed and built to offer an expected lifetime of use. Should you wish to dispose of the cabinet this can be undertaken under the terms and conditions of the WIEE Directive.

  • Is the cabinet suitable for outdoor clothing?

    The cabinet is ideal for outdoor clothing and footwear.

  • Availability of service and spare parts

    We have a long term commitment to provide service and replacement parts for all cabinets sold within the PEKO range. Our stock of spare parts includes those for cabinets that were produced over forty years ago.


  • What services are required for the installation of a drying cabinet?

    Electrical power supply in the form of a socket outlet or switched fuse connector plate adjacent to or above the cabinet – rating 230 volt x 13 amp. Ventilation hose or ducting to take the moist air to outside of the building.

  • Is the drying cabinet a freestanding appliance?

    No.  All cabinets must be fixed to a wall.

  • Does the cabinet require ventilation to outside of the building?

    Yes.  Full details available on request and described in the Installation Manuals.

  • What materials do you recommend for ventilating the cabinet?

    Rigid plastic or metal is preferred although for short distances flexible hose is acceptable.

  • Can I fit an external fan to assist ventilation when the cabinet is located far from an external wall?

    Yes.  The optimum rate of air to be extracted from the cabinet is 54m3/hour.  An external fan may be required.  The design of such a system should be carried out by a suitably qualified ventilation engineer.

  • Can the cabinet be incorporated into bespoke or custom built furniture?

    Yes.  The main consideration when building-in is to ensure that replacement air can circulate the cabinet and enter the unit via the top panel. The cabinet can be located in a carcass cupboard.  This can be left with either an open front or fitted with a door to match with adjacent cupboards.

  • Is there a requirement for fresh air into the room in which the cabinet is located?

    No, unless located in a small room, closet or built-in furniture ventilation should then be taken into account.

  • How much space is required for a drying cabinet?

    As with most domestic appliances the cabinet conforms to the standard 600mm modular width. The depth is 630mm overall the door handle.

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