Drying Cabinets

Imported under licence, the PEKO Drying Cabinet offers a revolutionary new answer to household drying problems.  An electrically heated cabinet for clothes and textiles, it is ideal for applications where the tumble drying of delicate fabrics is not recommended.  With plenty of space for hanging everything, from sheets and towels to small items like  socks and gloves, it acts as a combined airing and storage cupboard, while retaining the sleek utility looks of a wardrobe or stand-up freezer.  It is particularly suitable for drying sportswear, trainers, boots, outdoor clothing, wet-weather gear, and general laundry.

Available in several sizes to suit different applications, all vented PEKO Drying Cabinets work by ducting warm air down onto the clothes from a heating console at the top of the unit.  To save energy, the exhaust ducting incorporates a heat-saving recirculation system.

The ECO Dryer 2.0 is our first heat pump model in the range. It works by circulating warm air around the cabinet, which absorbs moisture from the clothes to dry them. This moisture is then condensed and either stored in a removable tank or discharged to an external drain. The circulating air inside the cabinet is reheated instead of being allowed to escape, which saves energy and reduces running costs.

PEKO Drying Cabinets are available in wall mounted and floor standing variations for commercial and domestic applications.


Cycle to Work Scheme

PEKO Drying Cabinets are a perfect solution for offices that need to dry clothing and cycling gear fast and economically. The Government's Cycle to Work Scheme encourages employers to promote healthier lifestyles for their employees, whilst also reducing environmental pollution. No matter how big or small the business, employers from all… Read more 

Featured Product

PEKO ECO Dryer 2.0 HP Drying Cabinet

ECO 2.0 HP

Our new ECO Dryer 2.0 HP uses heat pump technology to achieve effective and gentle drying. No extract ventilation to outside atmosphere is required, allowing for… Read more 

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